Welcome. One of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself is the power of your own presence.  How attentive are you to your life experience?  It is a gift of awareness you must grow and continue to cultivate.  Vast and dynamic potential lies within the human body if you are willing to explore and expand.


My practice has done wonders for this growth process in my life- physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It is important to find your own way and incorporate a "growth approach" that compliments your individual style.  I offer an aray of treatment combinations to personalize your experience.  BodyTalk, Yoga, and body work await your exploration.


It takes a lot of courage to live consciously, and I applaud you for seeking resources for a more evolved you.  Fortify yourself with the outlets that speak to you.  My primary role is to guide you in a journey of inspirational healing. 


Expand.  Engage.  Nurture.  Restore. 


Live your highest potential.  


Kelle Rock, HHP, CMT, CBP





​© 2014 by Kelle Rock

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